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S.O.S. Program Overview

S.O.S. Program Overview

Suspension of Schedule Program- MLP

S.O.S. Program Statement Our S.O.S. Program is designed to help students improve self-control and classroom success in both behavior and academics.


BE SILENT. Talking and/or non-verbal communication with other students is prohibited. You must raise your hand and wait for the teacher to assist if you have a question about your work.

BE AWAKE. Putting your head down and/or sleeping is prohibited.

Be On Task. Working on non-academic related activities is prohibited.

BE COMPLIANT WITH SCHOOL-WIDE EXPECTATIONS & STUDENT RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES HANDBOOK. Dress code violations, tardies, use of profanity, open-defiance, cheating, eating/drinking in class, misuse of technology (cell phones, iPods, headphones, computers, etc.) are prohibited.

“Rule Violation Points” are received for rules violations and lowers your S.O.S. Program grade. 0 points = 100% 1 point = 90% 2 points = 80% 3 points = 70% 4 points = 60% 5 points = 0% and one more day of S.O.S.

Duration All assignments to the S.O.S. Program must be for a fixed number of days, unless the student earns 5 points, at which point the student will be assigned one additional day in the S.O.S. program. Each additional 5 points will result in additional time in the S.O.S. program. The student must show self-control and compliance with school rules in order to return to his/her regular schedule.

S.O.S. Program Schedule

Arrival: Students assigned to the S.O.S. Program will meet at a designated area and be escorted by Ms. McCulskey, or another member of the Behavior Intervention Team, directly to the S.O.S. PROGRAM room upon arrival at school.

Homeroom: Breakfast will be consumed by the pertinent students in the S.O.S. PROGRAM room. They will not be allowed to visit or have any physical contact during breakfast.

AM Orientation

AM work session

Lunch Students who do not bring a bag lunch from home will have lunch delivered from the cafeteria to the S.O.S. Program room. Students will eat lunch at their desk during a 30-minute lunch break. They will not be allowed to visit or have any physical contact during lunch.

Counseling Session Discussion with a member of the Behavior Intervention Team regarding student’s behavior

PM work session

PM Debriefing

Dismissal procedures Students will remain in the S.O.S. room until the office announces dismissal, at which point, S.O.S staff will notify the office via radio that we are escorting the S.O.S. Program students to their dismissal locations.

After-School S.O.S Program for repeat attendees

Any student returning to the S.O.S. Program for a new or repeat School Code of Conduct violation will serve an extended period for each additional violation of the school’s Code of Behavior, to allow for further individualized instruction and counseling. Additionally, the Administration may assign the student an extra hour of S.O.S. beyond the regular scheduled school day. During this time, the student will participate in a Restorative Justice activity. In this instance, Parents or Guardians will be responsible for picking up their child at 4:00 PM in the School lobby.