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Who is Ms. J. Konschak?
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Who is Ms. J. Konschak?



My name is Jillian Konschak. I have been a resident of Cedarville for over 9 years! I love this town and the kids at Myron L. Powell! I have 2 children of my own here at MLP! Blake is in 6th grade this year and Kaelyn is in Third! They are my worl and I will make sure that your child gets the same attention that I want for my children in the classroom!

But...above all I am a Health and Physical Education teacher who loves what I teach!

 I hope to bring fun and learning into each of your childrens Health classes! I am so excited and honored to be able to pass my love of the subject of Health on to the MLP students. I plan on keeping the activities fun and engaging, while also giving the students fun facts to speak with you at home about. I can not wait to help your childs love of health grow and expand! Please if you have any questions or concerns just reach out to me at  JKonschak@myronlpowell.org  . I am here for you!

As a general rule all assignments will be completed in or during class. Occasionally, an assignment for the older kids may come home to be finished, but I always accept all assignments at anytime and without a late penalty. So if you have any issues with a missing assignment, please let me know and we can fix it right away!

I appreciate you and all you do!

Here's to a great year!

Jillian Konschak