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1-8 STUDENTS! Join MY Google Classrooms here!

1-8 STUDENTS! Join MY Google Classrooms here!
November 2019
2nd Marking Period
March 2020
3rd Marking Period
3rd Marking Period
03/26/2020 18:46:30

Welcome to the 3rd Marking Period! We are all learning how to handle our new normal.

K-2: Are still working hard to control emotions, keep them selves and others healthy, Washing hands, and finding out about germs and how they work. Please check out any video in the playlist on my Jillian Konschak YouTube page. The playlist is labeled: K-3 Home Health

3-4: We are a bit confused and feeling overwhelmed with all the changes and worries from the adults and friends in our lives. I will be uploading ways to cope and Mental Health videos for the students to watch and follow. Please talk to your students often and listen to the concerns they may have. Please email me or join one of my Zoom classes I will occasionally post to relax and talk about how important emotional, social and mental health is.

5-8: We will be moving to an online source for a short time. Please log onto YOUR Google classroom to follow along with the class happenings.

Google Classroom Login Codes:

Please log in to Google Classrooms and JOIN YOUR CLASS using the code below!

K-3: 2b3azv2

4A: owbni5x

5A: ul2w3bk

6A: s4t72gz


7th: e4g4hkt


Day 1 8th: anx2lnf

4B: qhpwesj

5B: 6dx7xcc

6B: ql3ivi5

4C: qwomw3w

5C: r2utjqo

6C: n2hocmp

Day 6 8th: v3o6xhy