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Fall 2019

My name is Jillian R. Konschak. I am the Health and Physical teacher for your students.  I am thrilled to be here at MLP!  I have a degree in Health and Physical Education, with certifications in Drivers Education, Adventure (High and Low obstacle), Team Building and Family Health.  I love health and hope to bring that excitement and learning into each of your students lives. I am big on open communication between families and my lessons. So be prepared to talk about our lessons at home!  Also if you need any support in opening conversations with your students please feel free to email me at JKonschak@myronlpowell.org. 

I will be keeping a blog here on my website to let you know what your students are learning. Please keep checking to be able to keep a healthy communication, about the topics we are covering, back at home! I will also be posting websites and my youtube page ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFTAgfnBipG3A6Bsb_dNI3w ) to allow you to see the videos your students are watching and to give you ideas on how to talk about the dreaded topics that many families struggle with. 

As a Cedarville resident for almost 10 years, I am proud to be a staff member here at Myron L. Powell.  I can't wait to teach your students and to cultivate a Healthier MLP!