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Who is Ms. J. Konschak?
K-8 STUDENTS! Join MY Google Classrooms here!
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Ms. J Konschak

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Welcome to Health 2020!

We are going into this year with 

Hope, Patience, Compassion, and Willingness!

I am here for you!

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your questions. 

I am available through EMAIL at JKonschak@myronlpowell.org


I will be LIVE teaching during your specific Health Class, so make sure you are on time and logged into my Google Classroom!

The links ( K-8 STUDENTS! Join MY Google Classrooms here! ) are posted above and below for your convience.

In my Google Classroom I will be opening direct links to your classes LIVE MEET! Please refresh the page starting at YOUR class time to gain access to the link.

If after 5 minutes the link is not available, please email me immediately, so that I can support you in joining the class.

All work is due by the end of class, Including the EXIT TICKET required to get credit for Classwork. You can find that Exit ticket located in the Classwork given that day. If no classwork is given it will be located in the Stream.

Please keep me updated with any issues that may arise or that you may be facing. I am here to help you but only if I know about it beforehand or as it happens. I can not help you or give you credit if I do not have all the information.


Rules for my Google Meets.

  1. Log in on time.

  2. Mute your microphone upon entering.

  3. Make yourself comfortable and sit properly in a well lit room.

  4. Pay attention and be present for my class

  5. Turn in all work done at the end of class.


I am so excited to be here with you all! 

Let’s Dance, Laugh, Talk, Learn, and most of all 

be our Healthiest selves this year!

Always, Ms. Konschak (AKA Ms. K)