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Cedarville, NJ 08311
Phone: 856-447-4237
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Schedule and Contact Information

Mrs. Eileen Mullin

Email: emullin@myronlpowell.org       Phone: 856-447-4237 (ext. 5037)

I am available for phone conferencing before 8 am, after 2:50 pm, and between 12:15 and 12:45 pm.  I make every effort to respond to your e-mails within the same day.

Join my Remind class for regular updates on class assignments and events.  Go to  https://www.remind.com/families   and use the following codes to join your child's class:

  • 6th Grade Math             remind.com/join/efbd42

  • 7th Grade Math             remind.com/join/e3622g

  • 8th Grade Math             remind.com/join/c8kbab

  • Homeroom 6B               remind.com/join/76h4fk