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  1. Students are to come prepared for class with their PMI Outline and Practice Packets, their Math Interactive Journal, and a pencil.
  2. "Math is not a spectator sport.  Math is learned by doing."  Therefore students can expect plenty of opportunities to practice in class and for homework.
  3. Students will record their homework assignments in their Agenda Book.
  4. The classroom routine includes a warm-up activity, homework review, presentation and modeling of new skill or concept, class practice in a small group "workshop" setting, and finally a confirmation of understanding as a whole group.
  5. Lessons are varied to appeal to the different learning styles of students.
  6. Formative assessment takes place throughout each lesson and unit to guide the pace and intensity of instruction.  This includes quizzes at regular intervals and a unit test.
  7. Grading percentages are set by the school.

        Tests—35%              Classwork – 25%
        Quizzes—30%         Homework-10%

  8. Assignments - In order to receive full credit for their work, students are expected to turn in assignments that are properly labeled, completed in pencil and legible.  Students are required to comply with the instructions an to turn their work in on-time.  Finally, students must show the work that supports their answer.
  9. Students who are absent may complete any missed assignment. Traditionally, students have as many days to make up their assignments as they were absent. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis. When a student returns to school from an absence, they will find a folder (with their name on it) which will  contain any returned papers/assignments that they will need to have.