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"Cedar Bridge School System started prior to the Revolution. The first school was a log building located on 'Flying Point' hill.  The first teacher of record was a man named Nathaniel Ogden (1794 - 1796).  He taught Latin.  In June of 1800, another man, Ephraim Bateman, began teaching at the 'Union School House.'  The curriculum here included: Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Surveying, and a part of Navigation and Algebra.  Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic were also taught. Later in 1800, the 'Union School House' name was changed to the 'Friendship.'  In 1805, another school was built.  The new school retained the name "Friendship" but was know as the 'Red School House.'   This school graduated such noted scholars as Hon. John T. Nixon, of the U.S. District Court for New Jersey, Rev. Robert Osborn, and William G. Nixon, President of the Cumberland Bank, Bridgeton, NJ.  In 1871, a new building was erected.  At its completion, the school at Cedarville had a three year high school.  Pupils went by trolley to Bridgeton High School for the last year.  The Myron L. Powell School was dedicated on January 5, 1955.  It had additions put on in 1965 and again in 1999.  The school is named for Myron L. Powell, the former Board of Education Secretary who served in this position for over fifty years."   (A Concise History of Cedarville, 31-32).